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Physical/emotional imbalances and congestion can be stored in the abdomen. In addition to addressing physical ailments associated with the internal organs, abdominal massage has been proven to have incredible healing effects throughout the physical, emotional and spiritual body


The most common and best known type of massage in this area. I tend to have a slow, methodical technique which allows your brain to catch up with what's going on with your body and allows you to relax. I typically have a deeper pressure but recognize the need for adjusting that pressure depending on your preference.


A floor level, heated table awaits you! I will use barefoot techniques to provide deep, deep bodywork which frequently offers quicker pain relief and satisfies clients preferring a deeper, yet gentler, massage (no pointy fingers or elbows here!) You won't ever be walked on because the only time two feet are being used are when I'm seated.


Backaches, stiff necks, leg cramps, headaches and edema (swelling) can all be helped with massage. Prenatal massage can reduce stress on weight-bearing joints, encourages blood and lymph circulation, helps to relax nervous tension -- which aids in better sleep -- and can help relieve depression or anxiety caused by hormonal changes.


​Eco-Fin: leaves skin soft and supple and is an all natural, petroleum free alternative to paraffin wax. Hot Stones: will expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body and promotes healing. Hot Oil Massage Candle: a special treat that will leave your skin nourished and super silky (you get to take the remainder home!) Aromatherapy: included for free!

Geriatric Massage

​ A huge need in the older population is touch. Massage is just the way to meet this need. Not to mention all the regular benefits of massage

Kids Massage

​ Kids today are under way more stress than we realize. Massage can help with anxiety, stress, and pain. It can definitely help kids who are involved in sports, as well. Parents will need to be present for kids under 18 for the first service.

About Mickey

Providing nurturing, caring touch to promote stress relief and relaxation, especially for those who feel self-conscious or uneasy about massage. Despite any negative thoughts you may have about your body image, you deserve to indulge, pamper, and take care of yourself. You are so much more than your body!! I love doing first time massage, yay!! Can't wait to meet you!!

"Mickey is genuinely caring and always makes me feel comfortable-even when naked! I can never tell if I'm her first appointment or her last appointment of the day-she gives you the same top notch service/energy every time!" DH-Montfort

"Best massage I've ever had! Mickey takes the time to really find out what your problem areas are. I was in so much back and neck pain and she did her best to work me into her schedule right away. Then... she follows up the day after to check in on you! Mickey is THE best!" AW-Mineral Point

"Had a Fijian massage....Officially think this is my favorite type of massage with Mickey. Mickey almost knows my body and tension spots more than I do! Not only does she care about her clients, but wants amazing results every time. She asks throughout the massage how things are and asks you to speak up of you aren't enjoying. Both her and I were nervous about my first Fijian massage, but surprisingly it was awesome, and hands down one of the best massages I have had! Highly recommend Mickey!!!!" DB-Rewey

"I have had many massages but Mickey's was by far one of the best if not THE best. I really liked all the techniques that she uses She is also very reachable and always returns messages quickly. She is very professional but yet friendly and easy to talk to. She also gives you a choice of being very quiet or chatting. Her prices are reasonable/competitive for our area. Definitely highly recommend her services." MA-Dodgeville


Please see scheduling for current prices and services available.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you get bodywork/massage done?

Everyday! Well, I would if I could.....The American Massage Therapy Association suggest every 4 to 6 weeks depending on the situation. I say whatever fits your schedule, pocketbook, or what your body tells you. Some clients are monthly, some twice a month, some every week, and some every couple of months. If you're trying to get your body out of "crisis mode" you may want to try every week, or even more frequently to address the issue. If you view massage as a treat then perhaps you only get a massage a couple times a year (sadness!).

Will you watch me undress?

Good heavens no! I'll leave to wash my hands and knock on the door to get permission to enter...I usually open the door a crack and ask again, simply because I can't hear very well!.

Do I have to take everything off?

No, just undress to whatever your comfort level is. I always invite clients to remove underwear so they know it's okay. A lot of time lower back issues come from your glute (butt) muscles so if underwear is removed, there are different techniques that can be used verses when they are left on. I prefer you take them off, simply because my fingers won't get caught and I don't have to worry about getting oil on them, but my preferences really don't matter....if you're more comfortable leaving them on then do it!.

What if I'm ticklish?

We worked around those areas, changed pressure, or avoided those areas completely.

What if I fall asleep or drool?

Excellent! ;) It's a compliment, but I won't be offended if you don't.

What am I supposed to say during the massage?

Anything you want or nothing at all. Sometimes you're in the mood to chat, other times you're not, either is fine, although if we start an interesting conversation sometimes I lose my place....ugh!

What if I get an erection?

It rarely happens, but if it does, don't worry. It's normal and no cause for concern.

What if I fart, my stomach growls, or I snore?

It's all okay. Our bodies all function the same way and it's not something that I give a second thought, no worries! I'd rather you do any of these than if I do them....I hate coughing!!.

I didn't shave my legs/back, or have time for a shower, etc?

I appreciate the concern, but it's really all okay. I don't even think about hairy legs, arms, backs, or whatever, I'm focused on muscles. If you shower the morning of your massage then you're fine. If you shower right before your massage it actually tends to make things more difficult because water and oil don't mix well.

Is there a reason why I shouldn't have a Fijian massage?

Yes, there are some contradictions that indicate you shouldn't receive a Fijian massage, such as:

Medication: Blood Thinners, Anit-Coagulants, Corticosteroids

Recent Surgery

Osteoporosis, Varicose Veins or any Vasular Disorders, Hear Condition, Pacemaker, Stent or Shunt, Unrepaired Hernia, Cancer, Lyme Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Injiry, Acute Herniated Disc, Fusions, Untreated/Uncontrolled Hypertension, Tuberculosis, Kidney Disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Thrombosis, Sitting in the same position for more than six hours with minimal movement for long periods, knee or hip sugery, joint replacements


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